New Iron on Patches in store NOW

As parents of three young children we go to a lot of children's parties.

There's nothing that lights up our kids chocolate covered faces more, at the close of a children's party, than a party bag.

But unfortunately we noticed that sometimes (not all!) the fun toys inside were often not very well made and tend to break pretty easily (especially in the hands of our eldest!). However the second you try to bin the broken toy in front of said child it becomes their 'most favourite toy in the world' and can not possibly be thrown away (cue tears and very overdramatic falling to the ground in 'distress'!)

So if we're a little tired of the cheap plastic toys we think you might be we thought about filling party bags with toys that don't break whilst you're still at the party and are super kind to the environment at the same time. It's a win win!

We hope you like what you see and keep checking back as we have lots of plans for the future with new products, and some more exciting things to come.