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Fantastic plastic free party bag fillers



They encourage creativity.

No sound effects, lights or buttons allows children to think more creatively during playtime.

They're safer for your child.

Wooden toys don’t have any nasty PVC, Styrofoam or chemicals in their production.

They're stronger than their plastic counterparts

AND they're better for the environment!

Yes we've still got LOTS of plastic toys (we're parents too!) so while choosing between wooden or plastic should never be an all or nothing approach we'd like the balance tilted in the favour of eco sustainable wood.

We’d love a world where everything we use is sustainable and doesn’t harm the planet.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen overnight.

But doing something is better than doing nothing which is why we've partnered with tree-nation.

For every order you make we'll purchase a real tree for you to plant.

(We also plant additional trees to offset the carbon generated by this website.)

And while we will always try and source products that are plastic free, made from eco sustainable wood or FSC® registered, some of our products do contain elastic bands.

For more information about our products and suppliers head to our F.A.Q. page.

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